Virtual horses

If you like placing bets on virtual horse racing, you may be wondering the best way for you to beat the bookies. Every bettor knows that bookies set odds that favor the house. For you to be a successful bettor in such virtual sports, then you should find ways to beat the bookies. The following tips should help.

  • Try matched betting

Experienced bettors in virtual horse racing make use of the bonuses and free bets available at sites to gain risk-free profit. Bookmakers offer such incentives as a technique to attract more people to virtual horse races, and taking advantage of the offers can help you beat the bookies. Though you can do matched betting on your own, it is advisable to utilize one of the matched betting products, such as Profit accumulator.

  • Make use of a good tipster

Beating the bookies without making use of matched betting is not always easy. It may take time and dedication for one to convert this activity into a full-time job. You can gain a lot of insights from people who have succeeded in this form of betting. There are some great tipsters out there that have been making consistent profits from virtual horse race betting for years. Using such tipsters can help you bet the bookies.

  • Try to get inside information as you engage in virtual horse racing

If you are familiar with the right people, you can easily beat the bookies when betting on virtual horse races. Though making use of inside information is not allowed in the stock market, it is a common concept that is often accepted in virtual horse racing.

  • Try betting with different bookmakers

Shopping around can help you identify the best sites for you to place bets.

  • Avoid betting on emotion

The house wins since most bettors use their hearts to bet rather than their heads. Making sound decisions before placing bets on virtual horses can help you beat the bookies.