Virtual Sports New Jersey

If you are thinking of betting on Formula One racing at some point, then consider the free virtual cars betting scene an excellent way for you to get your feet wet. And even if you prefer the NASCAR version of the sports, then you might want to start well. Betway and William Hill are reputable sites that offer legal and seamless betting services for virtual cars online.

Types of Bets in Virtual Cars Games/ Motor Racing

Virtual car racing is an animated version of the real motorsport racing sport, and the random number generators power it. Its visuals mimic what you see in a new release of a PlayStation racing game, with the main difference being the fact that you are the only spectator.

The virtual cars online games feature all manner of odds which you’d expect from a virtual racing sport except for the larger field which allows the virtual games cars to go off at unexpectedly longer offs.

To win, you choose a competitor who you predict to win an upcoming event. You get paid depending on the payout odds which are predetermined before the event. A win comes your way if you make an accurate prediction – the competitor selected finishing the race in the first place.

You could also choose a competitor to Place in an upcoming event. In this case, the event will be paid, also according to the pre-determined payout offs for the event if you predict that the competitor will finish the race in the first or the second place.

The third type of bet is the Show. In this bet, you select a competitor to Show in the said event. The payout odds for the race are predetermined, and you win if you predict accurately that the competitor finishes the race in the first, second or the third place.

Exacta: here, you predict the competitor that will finish the race in first and second place. And with the trifecta bet, you predict the competitor who finishes the race in first, second, and third place.

As you implement this knowledge on the free virtual cars game, don’t forget to have fun – it pays big!