Virtual Sports Games

Unlike slots or blackjack, virtual sports work by allowing its players to place wagers on outcomes of computer-generated, digitally-created races and sporting events. In each event, a player gets to wager on several fixed-odds’ virtual sports betting opportunities. What this means is that your payout odds will not change during the betting process.

Virtual Sports Betting in New Jersey

Whether you are into virtual soccer, Greyhound racing, horse racing, motorcycles, dirt bikes/ speedway racing, or car racing, you should know that all the competitors in virtual sports events are weighted as per the odds they display.

A competitor with the highest payout odds will stand a lower winning chance although they can generate higher returns. The competitor with the low payout odd, on the other hand, stands a higher chance of bagging a win at the expense of lower returns.

Can you trust the outcome of any of the sporting events? Well, Yes. Each event’s outcome is always determined by a random number generator (RNG) that’s been tested independently then certified by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, the DGE. It should be noted that the outcomes of the different events are independent of each other and they do not have any relationship with the future or the past outcomes.


The theoretically expected returns to the player, or the player payback will vary, and the value is measured over a very extensive period and millions of players considered. In every instance, the RTP will exceed or meet the value mandated by the DGE regulation: it varies from 83 to 96 percent while the expected RTP will vary depending on events and the type of bet placed.

Keep in mind that when an event starts, there is an introduction which displays all the details of the competitors, as well as the prices that are associated with varied betting options offers by the sportsbook. Events take place after the introduction and at that time, there will be no bets accepted. After the event, the results are displayed on the results screen with wagers settled shortly after the event.