Virtual Sports New Jersey

Have you been looking forward to betting on sports from New Jersey? You can now do this freely since the state considers sports betting a legal activity. Sports betting New Jersey was legalized in June 2018 after Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill into law. The first legal bets were placed just three days after legalizing this activity in the state.

Though betting on sports was legal in many other countries, a law in the US known as the PASPA was restricting the US from engaging in legal sports betting. The legal battle to legalize this activity in New Jersey had been a long one. In 2011, some of the voters in the state felt that the betting on sports should be legalized. They changed the constitution in an attempt to make sports betting legal in the state. These NJ voters argued that legalizing sports betting in the region would enhance revenue and the overall economy.

Even though the lawmakers were quick to pass the bill to legalize online sports betting New Jersey, professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NCAA, and NBA were not in support of this. In court, they argued that this was illegal based on the 1992 federal law. They also felt that legalizing sports betting in the US was not a smart move since sports could easily be corrupted.

This battle continued for years until the Supreme Court in America agreed to listen to those who supported the legalization of sports betting New Jersey. The newly elected governor who took office in 2018 pushed for the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey. In 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the federal law and made a decision favoring New Jersey. This led to the birth of legal sports betting New Jersey.

Since online sports betting became a legal state, it has risen to become one of the biggest markets in the US. Different sites, both online and land-based, now offer sports betting opportunities to sports lovers. You can choose from different sportsbooks available for you to engage in this form of gambling. Before you start supporting a team or player, you need to understand the rules of sports betting in New Jersey.